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GOJGT - Greater Orlando Junior Golf Tour

GOJGT - Greater Orlando Junior Golf Tour

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GOJGT - Greater Orlando Junior Golf Tour
The mission of the Greater Orlando Junior Golf Tour is to provide a positive competitive environment for as many junior golfers ages 6-18 as possible. By dedicating itself to this purpose, the GOJGT will strive to be one of the most recognized junior golf organizations in Florida.
The Greater Orlando Jr. Golf Tour offers a unique tour that allows both boys and girls between the ages of 6-18 the opportunity to play junior golf during the same time college golf is played. This tour gives the juniors an opportunity to showcase their talents and get the recognition they deserve at a reasonable cost.
We offer a quality tour to quality junior golfers, playing first class golf courses by the rules, in a safe, organized atmosphere provided by a staff of professional, competent personnel.
Our golf season runs from Jan through December and are two day tournaments.
5555 White Heron Place
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