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CGC - College Golf Camps

CGC - College Golf Camps

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CGC - College Golf Camps
Developed in conjunction with NCAA coaches, College Golf Camps of America (CGC) is the first privately operated multi-college Junior Golf Camp in the world. CGC allows college coaches to instruct, evaluate, clinician and interact with Junior Golfers from all over the world. We are not a recruiting service, we are not scouting service. College Golf Camps provides a exceptional educational opportunity for junior golfers to learn from college golf coaches, experience the competitive spirit with college golf coaches and interact with college golf coaches with the goal of improving as a golfer. Operating under strict NCAA guidelines, CGC is a ground-breaking concept that will provide a huge value to junior golfers and parents with goals of playing collegiate golf. Eachevent will have a select group of major colleges coaches to develop fundamental skills for aspiring junior golfers. Collegiate golf coaches agree that laying in front of college coaches and learning about the college golf experience is important for the aspiring junior golfer. College Golf Camps provides both for any aspiring junior golfer, both girls and boys. We are not only dedicated to helping our junior golfer campers become better but we are committed to helping our campers connect with and learn from college golf coaches. We host golf camps year round, as well as national coaches conventions that include high school golf coaches, junior and college golf coaches, PGA professionals and any others that wish to network with college golf coaches and other golf instructors.
100 Highland Park Village, Suite 200
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