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All-American Sport Scholarships

All-American Sport Scholarships

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All-American Sport Scholarships
Young athletes worldwide aged 16+ long for an opportunity to continue to compete at a high level, to further their academic studies and to broaden their cultural horizons. At All-American Sport Scholarships we provide you with all of the necessary guidance you need to help fulfill this dream. Our dedicated staff will do their utmost to help you continue to play the sport you love while furthering your education at a top class institution in the United States. The All-American team has an abundance of experience in coaching, playing, teaching, consulting and mentoring young athletes. We have staff who have been in a position just like you. Staff that have successfully obtained scholarships, continued their education and excelled as athletes in the USA. We understand the process and we are here to help you.
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Chris Spendlove - Chief Sports Consultant
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