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Scotty Cameron

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Scotty Cameron
Specializing in custom made Putters. Scotty grabbed the attention of the Golf World with his putters via Tiger Woods early success on Tour in the late '90s. Great balancing, nice graphics, with precise weighting are the assests that have made his putters popular with elite Golfers through out the World. Even Novice Golfers are very fond of his Awesome Designs. Scotty also makes interesting Headcovers and other accessories to even further his Brand. Limited Edition Models and Headcovers make this Brand extremely popular with Collectors. Scotty offers fittings, Putter fittings are available by appointment only Tuesday-Saturday 10am - 4pm. Credit card must be offered to allow for Fittings. Checkout website for further details & other Products.
Scotty Cameron Gallery/Studio
927 S. COAST HWY 101 SUITE E-100
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(Updated: July 24, 2016)
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Scotty Cameron- No need for Superlatives

Amazing Fitting for all levels of Golfer. Scotty Cameron has to be the Most Played
Putter on Tour. A friend of mine went for a fitting in Encinitas. Even though my friend has an
unorthodox style of Putting, they did an incredible job. Definitely, noticed an improvement
and Undoubtedly boosted his Confidence. An Excellent way to improve your game.
Fitting was $350.00 but worth it... Will custom fit kids 4 feet 10 inches or taller.

The Good
Excellent Finish and Looks- Precise Weighting
The Bad
$$ Pricey -Minimum $345.00 a putter
Value For Money
$$$$$ Very Expensive
Brand Retail
YES, I would like to see a JUNIOR line for this Brand
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