ON THE TEEjuniorgolflist onthetee
ON THE TEE with the Junior Golf List - no matter what level of Golfer you are, this section includes invaluable information from the Absolute Beginner to the most Advanced Player.
WORLD NEWS | FEATURES STORIESjuniorgolflist world news hdr
Junior Golf News from around the World - as a Member of the JGL you can submit a News Item/Story to us about any Junior Golfer; yourself, your son/daughter, a relative, a friend any Junior Golfer/Organization you feel is Newsworthy - send us what you've got!
JUNIOR GOLF LIST REPORTERSjuniorgolflist reporter hdr
Want to be a Junior Reporter for the JGL? Here is your opportunity! We want to hear about tournaments in YOUR local area or interesting players in your area. YOU can report about your golf league or high school team. YOU can also report about anything new- new trends, new accessories, new equipment, etc. Anything that you think might interest any other junior golfers. All Junior Golf List Members are eligible to be Junior Reporters for us; from Reviews of equipment, courses, clothing, music, movies, apps., other sports and more!
PARENT | YOUTH : BASICS juniorgolflist parent youth sm box
Golf is unlike any other sport - it requires a great deal of perseverance and patience on behalf of both a Parent and their Child combined just to play this great game never mind compete. There are many areas of the game that can only be learned by playing, however there are also many 'basics' that are not taught but we feel should be - to Parents and Youth. These range from Basic Rules, Etiquette and Procedures that are left 'assumed' known by many and taught by few. Here we provide articles that will help all level of Golfers and their Parents understand and embrace what they need to know. Articles are written by Parents of young golfers and the golfers themselves.  
BEGINNER GOLFERS juniorgolflist beginners
Whether you are 5 or 18 it doesn't really matter - everyone who is new to this great game needs to start learning the basics. The trouble is where do you start? - especially without spending a lot of money! Here we will help guide you through some of the do's and dont's when taking up the game.
ADVANCED PLAYERSjuniorgolflist advanced players
Junior Golf List definition of 'Advanced Players' are those Junior Golfers both Boys/Girls who have been playing at least two or more years and have had some experience participating in Tournaments - all the way up to the Local and International Junior Golf Rankings.
TOURNAMENT GOLFjuniorgolflist tournament hdr
In the development of all Junior Golfers, taking it from playing with Dad, Mom, their Coach or just practicing on the Range to competing in structured Junior Golf Tournaments is a big step forward and one that needs to be taken at the right time. Golf is a game where even the top Professionals readily admit they learn something new every day - there is no rush to compete, only do so when you know you are ready. Here you will find articles that will help walk you through the different levels of Competitive Junior Golf.
jgl danhaughian tipsJUNIOR GOLF TIPS
We feature Junior Golf Tips that are easy to understand and help improve your game from the Top Rated Junior Golf Instructors/Teachers from around the World - our resident host for this section is Top Rated European Golf Instructor, Dan Haughian - from The Golfworks/White Rose Sports Agency based out of the Adlington Golf Centre in Macclesfield, England.
CLUB FITTING | BUILDINGjuniorgolflist club fitting hdr
The importance of having the correct 'fitting' golf clubs is critical for all junior golfers in order for them to play and learn the game. The wrong length of club, weight, shaft, grip, lie and overall balance of clubs can severly hinder the progress of any junior at all levels. Here you will find articles and recommendations on Club Fitting for Juniors.
juniorgolflist hole in one clubHOLE-IN-ONE CLUB
Have you ever been lucky enough to have a hole in one?  If so, tell us about it.  BOYS and GIRLS from around the World who have made Hole-In-Ones will be featured on the Junior Golf List.  If you have made a Hole-In-One please send us; Your Name, Age,  the Date, what Golf Course, Hole Number, Golf Club and Ball used. Don't forget to send us a photo or photos. If you have a video, send us a video link. Click "here" for your submission.
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