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Traffic at the Highland Oaks scorer’s table reached a fever pitch shortly after 2 p.m. Monday, and one thing was certain: the Talons Up tournament had increased in size.
“I think last year we had (about) 20 players and maybe three teams,” Providence Christian girls golf coach Bill Oldfield said. “Today we had six teams and 39 players. Montgomery Academy brought nine players. That’s incredible.” The turnout for the Talons Up tourney reflects what many in the local golf business have noticed recently. Interest in girls golf is rising statewide, including in the Wiregrass .

Topgolf is fully embracing its opportunity to attract the next generation of golfers. The massively-popular entertainment centers are the driving ranges of a new era, a unique combination of technology, fun and social interaction that bring together players of all ages and abilities -- even non-golfers -- for friendly competition. And now Topgolf is offering free play to junior golfers as part of a major new initiative to introduce more people to the sport.

KATHMANDU, Nepal -- At rush hour, the road from Tribhuvan International Airport to the center of Nepal's capital city is not merely noisy, but cacophonous. Trucks and tuk-tuks, cars and carts, motorbikes and scooters, minibuses and vividly colored, jam-packed big buses vie for every single inch of the potholed surface.
Engines rumble, horns honk, fumes choke the air and dust filters the hazy sun.
It's a vibrating racket, just about the last place on earth you would associate with the sport of golf, and yet, a mere lob wedge away from it all is the fourth hole at Royal Nepal Golf Club.
There, in a dip behind the tee box is a greenkeeping shed. In the shed is a small room. And in the room is a girl.
A girl with a dream.
A girl called Pratima Sherpa.

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